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Fast loads

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Loads should take no time.

Suppose you write a script a.k which involves an expensive initialization, say by means of a synchronous request for data from a server:

.A:(`server;1234) 4:(`retrieve;)
You mean to load a.k from within the application b.k, which looks like this:
\l a
\d .B
Show:"`show $ `.A"
\d ^
`show $ `B
but now b takes too long to come up.

So now you decide to improve things by having Show load the a script:

Show:".\"\\1 a"
This is wrong. Instead, modify the a script by moving the retrieval code into a function:
\d .a
retrieve:{(`server;1234`) 4:(`retrieve;)}
and changing the definition of Show in b.k:
\l a
\d .B

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