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Changes in 3.4

Below is a summary of changes from V3.3. Commercially licensed users may obtain the detailed change list / release notes from

Production release date



  • IPC message size limit raised from 2GB to 1TB.
  • supports IPC via Unix domain sockets for lower latency, higher throughput local IPC connections.
  • can use both incoming and outgoing encrypted connections using Secure Sockets Layer(SSL)/Transport Layer Security(TLS).
  • can read directly from NamedPipes (e.g. avoid unzipping a CSV to disk, can pipe it directly into kdb+).
  • varchar~\:x and x~/:varchar are now ~10x faster.
  • improved performance by ~10x for like on nested char vectors on disk.
  • can utilize the snappy compression algorithm as algo #3 for File Compression.
  • certain vector types can now be updated efficiently, directly on disk, rather than having to rewrite the whole file on change.
  • added async broadcast as -25!(handles;msg) which serializes the msg once, queuing it as async msg to each handle.
  • parse can now handle k in addition to q code.
  • .Q.en can now handle lists of sym vectors: Enumerating nested varchar columns

Not upwardly compatible

  • ema is now a reserved word.
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