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The community of kdb+ developers is active around the world and around the clock.

Kdb+ personal developers

An open Google Group for users of the Personal Developer edition of kdb+.


StackOverflow has kdb+ questions and answers.

Open source

Developers from around the world share some of their best kdb+ code, libraries, and frameworks on GitHub, and Kx indexes a selection of them.
GitHub topic queries:   q   kdb   kdb-q
Please send your kdb+ repository URLs to


kdb+/k/q discussion: Code, blog posts, job ads
Podcast: Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs
Iversonians: Users of the Iversonian languages APL, J, k, and q.


Use to find Kx events round the world.
If you have a suggestion for a Meetup presentation, please write to


Analytics At Speed presentations are on our YouTube channel.


Rebecca Kelly, Kx Evangelist

@RebeccaK_kx is the Kx Evangelist.
Voted Tech Evangelist of the Year, NYC, 2020.


Kx provides direct support to licensed customers