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kdb+ Function Reference


() precedence/list/table [] block/arguments {} function
= equal <> not equal < less/greater..
+ plus - minus * times
% divided by ; separator ` symbol
? find/rand/select/exec . index/apply/trap @ index/apply/trap
^ fill/coalesce $ cond/cast/enum.. ~ match
# take _ drop/cut , join
! dict/update/delete | max & min
/ comment/over/converge \ abort/scan/iterate \\ quit
/: eachright \: eachleft ': eachprior/peach
' signal/eachboth : amend/return :: generic null/global amend


0: prepare/save/load text
1: binary/save binary
2: dynamic load
1, -1 write to stdout
2, -2 write to stderr
n, -n send to handle


A abs, acos, aj, aj0, all, and, any, asc, asin, asof, atan, attr, avg, avgs
B bin, binr
C ceiling, cols, cor, cos, count, cov, cross, csv, cut
D delete, deltas, desc, dev, differ, distinct, div, do, dsave
E each, ej, ema, enlist, eval, except, exec, exit, exp
F fby, fills, first, fkeys, flip, floor
G get, getenv, group, gtime
H hclose, hcount, hdel, hopen, hsym
I iasc, idesc, if, ij, in, insert, inter, inv
K key, keys
L last, like, lj, ljf, load, log, lower, lsq, ltime, ltrim
M mavg, max, maxs, mcount, md5, mdev, med, meta, min, mins, mmax, mmin, mmu, mod, msum
N neg, next, not, null
O or, over
P parse, peach, pj, plist, prd, prds, prev, prior
R rand, rank, ratios, raze, read0, read1, reciprocal, reval, reverse, rload, rotate, rsave, rtrim
S save, scan, scov, sdev, select, set, setenv, show, signum, sin, sqrt, ss, ssr, string, sublist, sum, sums, sv, svar, system
T tables, tan, til, trim, txf, type
U uj, ungroup, union, update, upper, upsert
V value, var, view, views, vs
W wavg, where, while, within, wj, wj1, wsum, ww
X xasc, xbar, xcol, xcols, xdesc, xexp, xgroup, xkey, xlog, xprev, xrank


Warning.png The single letter namespaces - upper case and lowercase - are reserved for Kx use and should not be used to store user-written code or data.

.Q namespace

for functions in the .Q namespace see the .Q unreference

.h namespace

for functions in the .h namespace see the .h unreference

.z namespace

.z.a address auth from cookie
.z.b dependencies bad message
.z.c physical core count .z.e tls connection status
.z.exit action on exit .z.f file
.z.h host .z.i PID
.z.k release date .z.K version
.z.l license .z.n gmt (timespan)
.z.N local (timespan) .z.o OS
.z.p gmt (timestamp) .z.P local (timestamp)
.z.pc close get
.z.pd peach handles http get
.z.pi input http OPTIONS method
.z.po open .z.pp http post set validate user
.z.q quiet mode .z.s self
.z.ts timer .z.u userid
.z.vs value set .z.w handle
.z.wc websocket close .z.wo websocket open
.z.W handles websockets
.z.x argv .z.X raw command line
.z.z gmt time (datetime) .z.Z local time (datetime)
.z.[tTdD] time/date shortcuts .z.zd zip defaults

Command Line Options and System Commands

\a tables -b block client write access
\b views \B pending views
-c, \c q console size -C, \C web console size
\cd current directory \d namespace
\e error trap clients -E TLS server mode
\f functions -g, \g garbage collect
-[lL] log updates \l load
-o, \o local time offset -p, \p port
-P, \P float precision -q quiet
-r replicate from host/post \r replication master
\r rename file -s use slaves
\s number of slaves -S, \S prng seed
\t time expression -t, \t timer
-T, \T timeout \ts time and space of expression
-u 1 disable system exits \u reload password file
-[uU] usr:pwd file \v variables
-w, \w workspace size -W, \W week offset
\x expunge handler -z, \z date format
\1, \2 redirect stdout/stderr \_ hide q code

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