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; Tickets
; Tickets
: Search existing tickets or create a new ticket (requires login).
: [ View existing tickets] or [ create a new ticket] (requires login).
;[ Search]
;[ Search]

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Welcome to the open-source repository for the Kx user community

Note: If you are a licensed kdb+ user wanting to download the latest version of the software, go to is an evolving collection of community resources for kdb+ users. It contains cookbooks, a tutorial, and user-contributed code. Designed to encourage community participation, was built using open source project collaboration tools: Trac, an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects, and Subversion, a version control system.

Trac is implemented with a web interface, enabling all members of the Kx user community to add content, make changes, and open tickets from any web browser.

Who Can Use

While the public has read-only access to all of the content on, you must have a password in order to add/change pages or to create a ticket. Email to request a password.

What's in

Start Page
The current page; introduces the site.
Quickly access user-contributed code (by contributor name), code referenced in the cookbooks, and kdb+ utilities (a versioned mirror of the directory).
Browse cookbooks, a reference manual and tutorials.
Review ticket changes, Subversion contributions, and [wikipedia:Wiki] changes.
Start a q session in a Java applet.
View existing tickets or create a new ticket (requires login).
Search the entire site for any keyword of interest.

For security, if you log into from a shared computer, please close your browser when you end your session.

Please email any comments about to

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