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simon's list

error example explanation
Mlim Too many nested columns in splayed tables. Prior to v3.0, limited to 999. v3.0 onwards, limited to 251. From v3.1 2014.06.03, limited to 32767
Q7 nyi op on file nested array
XXX delete x from system"d";x value error (XXX undefined)
[/(/{/]/)/}/" "hello open ([{ or "
arch `:test set til 100
attempt to load file of wrong endian format
access attempt to read files above directory, run system commands or failed usr/pwd
accp tried to accept an incoming tcp/ip connection but failed to do so
adict d:`a`b!1 2;d[::]:d interpret as 'nyi
assign cos:12 attempt to reuse a reserved word
badtail incomplete transaction at end of file, get good (count;length) with -11!(-2;`:file)
branch a:"1;",254#"0;"
value "{if[",a,"]}"
a branch(if;do;while;$[.;.;.]) more than 255 byte codes away
can't _ only commercially licensed kdb+ instances can encrypt code in a script
cast s:`a`b; c:`s$`a`e value not in enumeration
char value "\000" invalid character
conn too many connections (1022 max)
constants a:";"sv string 2+til 97;
too many constants (max 96)
cores too many cores for license
cpu too many cpus for license
domain 1?`10 out of domain
elim ((-58?`3) set\:(),`a)$`a too many enumerations (max: 57)
exp expiry date passed
from select price trade Badly formed select statement
glim `g# limit, kdb+ currently limited to 99 concurrent `g#
globals a:"::a"sv string til 32;
too many global variables (31 max)
host unlicensed host
insert t:([k:0 1]a:2 3);`t insert(0;3) attempt to insert a record with an existing key into a keyed table
k4.lic k4.lic file not found, check QHOME/QLIC
length ()+til 1 incompatible lengths
limit 0W#2 tried to generate a list longer than 2,000,000,000, or serialized object is > 2GB, or 'type if trying to serialize a nested object which has > 2 billion elements.
locals a:":a"sv string til 24;
too many local variables (23 max)
loop a::a dependency loop
mismatch ([]a:til 4),([]b:til 3) columns that can't be aligned for R,R or K,K
mq Multi-threading not allowed.
noamend t:([]a:1 2 3)
update b:{`n?`d;:`n?`d}[]
  from `t
Cannot perform global amend from within an amend.
no append to zipped enums v2:
.z.zd:17 2 6
Cannot append to zipped enum from v3.
no`g# {`g#x}peach 2#enlist 0 1 a thread other than the main q thread has attempted to add a group attribute to a vector. Seen with peach+slave threads or multithreaded input queue
noupdate {a::x}peach 0 1 Updates blocked by the -b cmd line arg, or reval code or a thread other than the main q thread has attempted to update a global variable when in peach+slave threads or multithreaded input queue.
nyi "a"like"**" not yet implemented. Interpret as "it probably makes sense, but it's not defined nor implemented, and needs more thinking about as the language evolves".
os Operating System error OR wrong os (if licence error)
par trying to update a partitioned table
params f:{[a;b;c;d;e;f;g;h;e]} too many parameters (8 max)
parse invalid syntax
part something wrong with the partitions in the hdb
pl peach can't handle parallel lambda's (2.3 only)
pwuid OS is missing libraries for getpwuid. Most likely 32bit app on 64bit OS. Try to install ia32-libs.
rank +[2;3;4] invalid rank or valence
s-fail `s#3 2 invalid attempt to set "sorted" attribute. Also encountered with `s#enums when loading a database (\l db) and enum target is not already loaded.
splay nyi op on splayed table
srv attempt to use client-only license in server mode
stack {.z.s[]}[] ran out of stack space. Consider using iterate \ or converge / instead of recursion.
step d:`s#`a`b!1 2;`d upsert `c`d!3 4 attempt to upsert a step dictionary in place
stop user interrupt(ctrl-c) or time limit (-T)
stype '42 invalid type used to signal
sys {system "ls"}peach 0 1 using system call from thread other than main thread
threadview Trying to calc a view in a thread other than main thread. A view can be calculated in the main thread only. The cached result can be used from other threads.
type key 2.2 wrong type. Also see 'limit.
u-fail `u#2 2 invalid attempt to set "unique" attribute
upd attempt to use version of kdb+ more recent than update date, or the function upd is undefined (sometimes encountered during -11!`:logfile).
user unlicensed user
unmappable t:([]sym:`a`b;a:(();()))
when saving partitioned data,
each column must be mappable. () and ("";"";"") is ok
utf8 The websocket requires that text is UTF8 encoded
value no value
vd1 attempted multithread update
view Trying to re-assign a view to something else
wha invalid system date (release date is after system date)
wsfull 999999999#0j malloc failed. ran out of swap (or addressability on 32bit). or hit -w limit.
wsm 010b wsum 010b alias for nyi wrt wsum prior to 3.2
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