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Saves a table splayed to a specific partition of a database sorted (`p#) on a specified field. The table cannot be keyed at present. This will fail with an `unmappable error if there are columns which are not vectors or simple nested columns (e.g. char vectors for each row).

It also rearranges the columns of the table so that the column specified by f is second in the table (the first column in the table will be the virtual column determined by the partitioning e.g. date).

It returns the table name if it was successful.

q)trade:([]sym:10?`a`b`c;time:.z.T+10*til 10;price:50f+10?50f;size:100*1+10?10)
q)delete trade from `.
q)\l db
date       sym time         price    size
2007.07.23 a   11:36:27.972 76.37383 1000
2007.07.23 a   11:36:27.982 77.17908 200
2007.07.23 a   11:36:28.022 75.33075 700
2007.07.23 a   11:36:28.042 58.64531 200
2007.07.23 b   11:36:28.002 87.46781 800
2007.07.23 b   11:36:28.012 85.55088 400
2007.07.23 c   11:36:27.952 78.63043 200
2007.07.23 c   11:36:27.962 90.50059 400
2007.07.23 c   11:36:27.992 73.05742 600
2007.07.23 c   11:36:28.032 90.12859 600

If you are getting an unmappable error, you can identify which are the offending columns in which tables through the following code

/ create 2 example tables
q)t:([]a:til 2;b:2#enlist (til 1;10))  / bad table, b is unmappable
q)t1:([]a:til 2;b:2#til 1)  / good table, b is mappable
q)helper:{$[(type x)or not count x;1;t:type first x;all t=type each x;0]};
q)select from (raze {([]table:enlist x;columns:enlist where not helper each flip .Q.en[`:.]`. x)} each tables[]) where 0<count each columns
table columns
t     b
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