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These briefs appeared earlier as the q for Gods series of white papers from First Derivatives

Cover page
A natural query interface for distribution systems

A natural query interface for distribution systems (PDF)
An introduction to graphical interfaces for kdb+ using C# (PDF)
An introduction to neural networks with kdb+
Building realtime tick subscribers
Columnar database and query optimization
Common design principles for kdb+ gateways
Compression in kdb+
Data recovery for kdb+ tick
Efficient use of adverbs
Intraday writedown solutions
Introduction to strategy back-testing in q
Kdb+tick profiling for throughput optimization
Kdb+ and fix messaging
Kdb+ and websockets
Kdb+ data management: sample customisation techniques
Kdb+ query scaling
Marketing fragmentation: a kdb+ framework for multiple liquid source
Multithreading in kdb+: performance optimisations and use cases
Multi partitioned kdb+ databases: an equity options case study
Order Book: a kdb+ intra-day storage and access methodology
Parse trees and functional forms
Permissions with kdb+
Query routing: a kdb+ framework for a scalable load balanced system
Sample aggregation engine for market depth
Surveillance techniques to effectively monitor algo and high frequency trading
Temporal data: a kdb+ framework for corporate actions
The application of foreign keys and linked columns in kdb+
Time series simplification in kdb+: a method for dynamically shrinking big data
Transaction cost analysis using kdb+

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