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Getting Started

Downloading and installing kdb+

Licensed users can download the latest version of kdb+ from

If you are a customer and have not yet received your license key please contact Kx Systems.

Starting kdb+ and command-line options

See the Abridged Kdb+ Database Manual and Command-line Reference for details.

Loading Q scripts

Use the \l command.

q)\l script.q

A path name can also be included in the script name.

q)\l ../script.q

How do I access the interactive kdb+ help?

Download the script help.q and put it in your kdb+ home directory. Then load it into your kdb+ session.

q)\l help.q

Now you can type:

adverb    | adverbs/operators
attributes| data attributes
cmdline   | command line parameters
data      | data types
define    | assign, define, control and debug
dotz      | .z locale contents
errors    | error messages
save      | save/load tables
syscmd    | system commands
verbs     | verbs/functions

To get a list of the help topics, and request help in a specific topic like this:

q)help `sys
\a           tables
\b           views (see also .z.b)
\B           invalid dependencies
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