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A conversation with Arthur Whitney (2009)
An interview with Arthur Whitney (2004)
Array languages for Lisp programmers Slobodan Blazeski, Vector 24#2
Boyko Bantchev's K place
Enhancing Time Series Data by Applying Bitemporality Capgemini
Fire from Heaven - review of Q for Mortals Adrian Smith, Vector 23#4
K as a Prototyping Language Dennis Shasha
Knowledge Base/Databases/Kdb The Thalesians
Book review: Q Tips: Fast, scalable and maintainable kdb+ Yang Guo, Vector 26#2
Tables with calculated columns Stevan Apter, Vector 25#1
Treetable: a case-study in q Stevan Apter, Vector 24#4
Vector Processing Languages: The Future of Big Data Analytics and Real-time Business Intelligence Conceptual Origami

Financial Math in Q

This is a series of articles by Jan Karman in Vector (mostly k3 with some k4):

1: Graduation of mortality Vector 24#2
2: The price of bonds Vector 24#4
3: The annuity Vector 25#1

Other Documentation

kdb+ Database and Language Primer
Abridged kdb+ Database Manual
kdb+ Database Reference Manual
Abridged q Language Manual
q Language Reference Manual
Abridged kdb+tick Manual
Abridged kdb+taq Manual

Useful Links

Catherine Lathwell's APL/J/K site
Dennis Shasha's Research Summary
Gordon Baker's professional website
Jsoftware wiki
K programming language at Wikipedia
me, q and kdb+ weblog
Milan Ondrus's kdb+ website
Kdb+ Personal Developers Google group
Stevan Apter's no stinking loops
Swee Heng's weblog
Aaron Davies's weblog

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