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sublist (sublist verb)

The verb sublist returns a sublist of its right argument, as specified by its left argument. The result contains only as many items as are available in the right argument.


r:X sublist Y

If X is a single integer, it returns X items from the beginning of Y if positive, or from the end of Y if negative.

If X is an integer pair, it returns X 1 items from Y, starting at item X 0.


q)p:2 3 5 7 11
q)3 sublist p    / take 3 from the front
2 3 5
q)10 sublist p   / returns only available values
2 3 5 7 11
q)1 2 sublist p  / takes 2 items starting from position 1
3 5

sublist applies to the keys of a dictionary, and records of a table:

q)2 sublist `a`b`c!(1 2 3;"xyz";2 3 5)
a| 1 2 3
b| x y z
q)-3 sublist sp
s p qty
3 1 200
3 3 300
0 4 400

For a complete list of functions, see the kdb+ Function Reference.

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