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Error Messages

Runtime Errors

Error Example Description
access Attempt to read files above directory, run system commands or failed usr/pwd
assign cos:12 Attempt to reuse a reserved word
conn Too many incoming connections (1022 max)
domain til -1 Argument out of domain
fail `s#3 2 Invalid attribute setting
glim `g# limit, kdb+ currently limited to 99 concurrent `g#'s
length (til 2)+til 3 Incompatible list lengths
limit Attempt to create list longer than allowable maximum TBA
loop a::b::a Circular reference loop
mismatch Columns cannot be aligned for operation
Mlim More than 999 nested columns in splayed table
nyi Not yet implemented
nosocket Since v3.0 can open/use sockets from the main thread only
os Operating system error
pl peach can't handle parallel lambda's (2.3 only)
Q7 Unimplimented op on file nested array
rank +[2;3;4] invalid rank or valence
splay Unimplemented op on splayed table
stack Exhausted stack space
stop User interrupt(ctrl-c) or time limit (-T)
stype '42 Invalid type used to signal
type til 4.2 Wrong type
value Missing value
vd1 Attempted multithread update
wsfull malloc failed. ran out of swap (or addressability on 32bit). or hit -w limit
xxx 'xxx xxx undefined

Parse Errors

Error Example Description
" Unpaired item
branch A branch (if;do;while;$[.;.;.]) more than 255 byte codes away
char Invalid character
constants Too many constants (max 96)
globals Too many global variables (32 max)
locals Too many local variables (24 max)
params Too many parameters (8 max)

System Errors

Error Example Description
xxx:yyy xxx is a kdb+ message
yyy is the OS message
xxx can be
(from –p)
filename (invalid)

License Errors

Error Example Description
cpu Exceeded number of licensed cpus
exp Expiry date passed
host Unlicensed host
k4.lic k4.lic file not found, check QHOME/QLIC
os Unlicensed OS
srv Attempt to use client-only license in server mod
upd Attempt to use version of kdb+ more recent than update date
user Unlicensed user
wha Invalid system date

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