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This wiki uses a custom search engine instead of the default Mediawiki search.

The search is made on the page or svn source. There is no special treatment for common words, code fragments or wiki markup, except only where appropriate in a Regex search. For example, you can search for "each" or "/:", whereas in the usual Mediawiki search, neither would return any results.

The default search is case insensitive.

The Regex search uses pcre (perl compatible regular expressions). For example, search for "^enumeration" will find lines beginning "enumeration".

The SVN search is made only on files with extensions (ignoring case): bat c cc cpp cs ijs java k m r q txt.

The search engine is implemented as a special page, Kwiki Search.

Search Strings

Search strings should be carefully constructed. The search does not match individual words which are space separated (as would be the case with Google). For example, if you were to search for "load csv", the search will only return results if it finds those 8 characters together (case insensitive). As of April 2014, that particular search pattern returns no results. However, if you were to search for "load" or "csv" separately, results will be returned. Also if you were to search for "loading large csv" then you would get results, as there is an exact match for this set of characters.

An alternative approach to this search method is to use Google advanced search (other search engines are available!). For example, in the Google search field, type "load csv"

Go button

The Go button is next to a text search box at the top right of each page. If the text entered matches a single wiki page name, then pressing Go opens that page. Otherwise, the text is searched as usual and the results displayed.

For example, if the text is "acos", then pressing Go opens page Reference/acos.

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