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Interfacing Kdb+ With Bloomberg API


Marshall Wace have kindly contributed a linux based Bloomberg Feed Handler written by Sufian Al-Qasem & Attila Vrabecz, using the Bloomberg Open Api.

Design Notes

Bloomberg use an event driven model whereby they push EVENT objects to consumers – SUMMARY, TRADE and QUOTE. The C code in bloomberg.c handles the connectivity to the Bloomberg appliance (hosted on client’s site) and also does the conversion from an EVENT object to a dictionary (Bloomberg mnemonic <> Value pair) which is then processed on the Q main thread via the following:

Update:{@[value;x;-1"Update: '",string[x 0]," ",]}

The Bloomberg API calls back on a separate thread and copies a pointer to that object onto a lock free queue; eventfd is then used to create a K struct (a dictionary representation of the EVENT) on the Q main thread and process. A function is defined for every EVENT type (Authorize/SessionStarted/MarketDataEvent/etc …) which carries out the desired behaviour in Q.

Tested with bloomberg open api and Uses

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