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Q Command Line

The command line has the form:

q [f] [-b] [-c r c] [-C r c] [-l] [-L][-o N] [-p N] [-P N] [-q] [-r :H:P]
    [-s N] [-t N] [-T N] [-u|U F] [-w N] [-W N] [-z 0|1]
this is either the script to load (*.q, *.k, *.s), or a file or directory
block client write access to a kdb+ database
-c r c
console maxRows maxCols, default 25 80. This is the maximum display size of any single terminal output.
-C r c
http display maxRows maxCols, default 36 80. This is the maximum display size of any single http output.
log updates to filesystem, see Cookbook/Logging
as -l, but sync logging, see Cookbook/Logging
-o N
offset hours from GMT (affects .z.Z)
-p N
port on which kdb+ server listens. Use for client/server, e.g. kdbc(/jdbc/odbc), http(html xml txt csv).
-p -N
port for multi-threaded kdbc
-P N
display precision for floating point numbers, default 7. Use 0 to display all available digits.
quiet, i.e. no startup banner text or session prompts. Typically used where no console is required.
-r :H:P
replicate from :host:port
-s N
start N slaves for parallel execution
-t N
timer in milliseconds between timer ticks. Default is 0, for no timer.
-T N
timeout in seconds for client queries, i.e. maximum time a client call will execute. Default is 0, for no timeout.
-u F
usr:pwd file, no access above start directory
-U F
as -u, but no access restrictions
-w N
workspace MB limit (default: 2*RAM)
-W N
start of week as an offset from Saturday. Default is 2, meaning that Monday is the start of week. Affects `week$x .
-z B
format used for "D"$ date parsing. 0 is mm/dd/yyyy (default) and 1 is dd/mm/yyyy.
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