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The wiki is moving to a new format and this page is no longer maintained. You can find the new page at code.kx.com/q/about/kxtechnology/#reporting-bugs-in-kx-products.

The wiki will remain in place until the migration is complete. If you prefer the wiki to the new format, please tell the Librarian why.

Reporting Bugs in Kx Products

Licensed customers of Kx should report bugs in Kx products to the email group tech@kx.com.

Other application errors or programming assistance requests should be referred to your company's internal support groups or the appropriate Kx partner if your company has a support contract (see Kx Partners).

When reporting a kdb+ bug please don't just email one person directly. They may be unavailable and your report would go unseen; in any case that person would automatically forward it to tech@kx.com.

When sending the bug report please ensure that you include the following information:

   KDB+ 2.5 2008.12.15 Copyright (C) 1993-2008 Kx Systems
   l64/ 8()core 16025MB simon welly3 EXPIRE 2010.01.10 welly3
If you aren't using the latest version of kdb+, please confirm that the problem still occurs in the latest version (from kxdownloads.com) - the problem may already have been reported and fixed.
If external code is being loaded into the session verify that the problem still occurs when it is NOT loaded.
Don't send complete applications, or commercially sensitive code/data!
Don't send core-dumps unless requested, they're typically only meaningful on the machine where they were generated. If you know how to generate a backtrace from a core-dump, please do send us the backtrace.

See also Simon Tatham, How to Report Bugs Effectively.

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