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Release Notes - Version Insights Services 18/Aug/21


Service Discovery

microservice Docker Helm Chart
Discovery Registry
Discovery Proxy

Stream Processor

microservice Docker qpk

Data Access

microservice Docker qpk
Data Access Process(DA)
Data Access Operator

Storage Manager

microservice Docker qpk
Storage Manager
End of Interval(EOI)
End of Day(EOD)
Database Migration(DBM)

Service Gateway

microservice Docker qpk
Resource Coordinator

User Interface

microservice Docker Helm Chart

Machine Learning

microservice package
ML Registry
ML Analytics


microservice Docker package
Metrics Sidecar
OpenAPI SDK Generator


Stream Processor
Add support for operators using nested namespaces
API for metrics and status for pipelines
Pipeline recovery from Controller fault
Chunked file reading from file
API to inspect running pipelines
Pipeline teardown API
Pipeline heartbeats in coordinator
Persistent volumes for Checkpoints
Kafka reader 'fromBeginning' / 'fromEnd' usability
Length error running passing some atoms to a pipeline
CSV Decode
Data Access
Update DA to latest rt client qpk
Have DA's return failure codes when a query is unsuccessful
Update Data Access helm charts for ETE testing
Definition and implementation of what metrics the DA microservice will expose
React to data lifecycle events
Determine, fulfill, and report temporal purview of process at start-up
Storage Manager
Support for pushing data to S3 via SM
Handling ObjStor in initial import
Document SM's interaction with object storage
Updates to db-initial-import technical debt from M2
Fix wrong RDB and IDB purview for freshly imported DB
Kurl updates for on-prem DBs
Copy data to object storage
Partition layout w.r.t. object storage
Migration integration with EOD
Tier compression
Generic/custom tickerplant as EMS substrate
Service Gateway
Surface assembly info and table schemas via SG's getMeta API
SG asymmetric DAP mode
Health and Readyness checks for Service Gateway
Update core charts repository with latest gateway images
Timeout requests
Fail requests on timeouts
Detect request timeouts
Metadata retreival API for SG/DA
Support for custom code loading in SG and DA
Machine learning
ML Analytics Beta release
ML Registry Beta release


Service Gateway
Fix to reconnection logic for coordinator when conection is dropped
Aggregator sidecar erroring when trying to register with discovery
If discovery is up, but then getServices() fails, we did not retry
Stream Processor
.sp.push isn't working for operators with foreign values as parameters
Kafka commit offset on checkpoint
Kafka is not reading from the start of a partition isn't starting all parent pipelines
Cleanup callback on pipeline teardown
.qsp.filter should verify the type of the return value
Runtime fails to compile when operations have the same ID
isAsync dict is incorrect if two plugins have the same ID