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Pivot Grid

Screenshot A Pivot Grid with user tools showing

Displays a Pivot/OLAP control data set

Set up

  1. Define the data source, and ensure pivot query is selected.

  2. Set [Focus] property to align with Breadcrumbs component.

  3. Configure breakdown and aggregate column formats.



Data Source
Pivot Query: the source data for the grid.
A View State Parameter Used for linking components.

When checked, enables Drilldown.

Drilling down

Show Tools

Show user controls: Drilldown, filtering and download.


Offer smoothing animation on drilldown versus a 'hard' drilldown.
Multiple Drilldown
Supports multiple OLAP drilldown paths versus the default single drilldown.
Expand All

All OLAP elements are expanded on Pivot Grid load.

Screenshot Two expanded OLAP pivots

Sort Column and Sort Order define the default sort order, ascending or descending, for the selected data source column on load.
Scroll Value
A number representing the distance in pixels from the top of the pivot grid to the currently visible scroll position.

Breakdown columns

Appearance of columns from the Pivot Query.


Display Name
A name for the column.
Text description active on rollover of column header.
Min Width (px)
Min Width (px) is a protective fall back if _Width (relative) is unable to render columns correctly.
Width (relative)

Column width relative to total width of Pivot Grid. Scale relates to the values of each column; for example, a column of Width (relative) of 20, in a Pivot Grid using column widths of 20, 10, 5, 1 will scale at a column width of 55% (i.e. 20/(20+10+5+1)).

Relative columns scale according to the browser size.

Text Align
center, left, right

When checked, shows sort controls in column headers:


Formatted columns
Precision and Hide Trailing Zeroes
Number of decimal places used to display numeric, and whether to show trailing zeroes.
Currency Symbol
Text representation of currency symbol in data column; select from $, £ or .

Currency columns with prefixed symbols

Date Format and Time Format
Timestamps with a DateTime format
Percentage Color

A color: where Format is Percentage, displays a mini bar in the range 0-100%.

Percentage values with mini bars

View State Parameter

Percentage Color can be a View State Parameter: roll over the end of input bar until until the eye icon appears, click the icon to assign the view state.

Apply HTML customizations with Handlebar helpers; for example:
<font color="blue">{{column name}}</font>

where {{column name}} is the reference name for the column from the data source.


Aggregate columns


Dependent columns from the pivot query

Data Field Name
A Data Source column.
Display Name
Column name.
Rollover text description of header.
Min Width (px)
Min Width (px) is a protective fall back if _Width (relative) is unable to render columns correctly.
Width (relative)
Relative measure to total width of Pivot Grid. Scale is contigent on the values of each column; for example, a column of Width (relative) of 20, in a Pivot Grid using column widths of 20,10,5,1 will scale at a column width of 55% (i.e. 20/(20+10+5+1)) Columns will scale according to the viewable browser area.
Text Align
Alignment of values inside Pivot Grid: left, center, right.
When checked, shows sort controls in column headers.
Formatting for the data in the column.
Where data are numeric, the number of decimal places to display.
Hide Trailing Zeroes
Removes trailing zeroes from displayed values.
Currency Symbol
Values with prefixed currency symbols
Date Format
Time Format

A Date format and a Time format: where Format is Date, Time, or DateTime the display format is combined from Date Format and Time Format.

Screenshot Screenshot
A DateTime column with both a Date Format and a Time Format

Highlighting negatives

When Highlight Negative is checked, negative values will be shown in Negative Color.

Screenshot Pivot Grid with negative numbers highlighted

Highlighting changes
When Highlight Changes is checked, cells will highlight green (for higher than previous value) or red (for lower than previous value). Used for streaming or polling data; the persistence of the highlight is controlled by Highlight Change Duration.
Show arrows on Change
When checked, up and down arrows will appear when value is greater or less than previous value. Used for streaming or polling data.
Highlighting highs, lows and ranges

Checkboxes Highlight Min Value, Highlight Max Value, and Range Highlight apply colors to highlight values:

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Columns with Min Value Color, Max Value Color, and Range Color applied

Invert Range Color
Flip range color usage; dark shade for high values, light shade for low values.
Percentage Color

A color, used for mini-bars when Format is Percentage.


Colors can be View State Parameters

Min Value Color, Max Value Color, Range Color, and Percentage Color can be View State Parameters.


Adds a column sub-total value for weighted average, average, count, sum or none.


Footer Weight
Applies a weighting to current column by selected data source variable. For this to be enabled, Footer must be set to weighted average.

Selection and routing


With Enable Row Selection, values from the selected grid row are mapped to a View State Parameter.

Viewstate routing



Highlight rules

Highlight Rules

File export



Style for common settings