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One-click deployment with Skaffold

Quick start

minikube start
qp build
skaffold run

Skaffold workflow


The Quickstart example assumes

Using test harness with Skaffold

The configuration template uses Rook.


Follow the Rook setup or regenerate the template without it enabled and with Skaffold enabled: see configuration reference in the configuration section.

helm template [--set OPTIONS] kx ../charts/kx > k8s/kx.yaml
# below assumes you are in containers/
# make sure you got all the submodules, qlog is used here
git submodule update --init
# cleanup previous runs
git clean -xfd
qp build
# next step might be needed - optional
cd ../charts/kx && helm dependency up && cd -
# get config and make sure CONFIG_DIR is set
export CONFIG_DIR=./config
# have to rebuild harness on any changes
qp build harness
# let skaffold do its magic
skaffold run
# run test harness using local Q
qp run -binlinux harness
# or alternatively
qp run harness