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The Cloud Edition is delivered as a ZIP:

├── code
│   ├── bq.qpk
│   ├── deployment
│   ├── kdb
│   ├── kurl.qpk
│   ├── objstor.qpk
│   ├── qlog.qpk
│   ├──
│   └── rest-server.qpk
└── examples
    ├── kurl
    ├── qlog
    └── qpacker


Reusable components that can integrate into applications using QPacker

file/folder content self-extracting installation of QPacker
kdb new version of kdb+ that supports the libraries below
kurl.qpk REST client and authentication module: make calls to REST servers, including the cloud provider’s own API endpoints
rest-server.qpk expose a RESTful interface to a kdb+ system
qlog.qpk cloud-native logging adapter with hooks to popular cloud logging patterns
objstor.qpk allows kdb+ to read data from object storage
bq.qpk facilitates access to GCP BigQuery datasets


Extra examples for some components of the Cloud Edition to illustrate their use.