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Release Notes - kdb Insights Microservices 1.4.0

kdb Insights Microservices 1.4.0 release.

Release Date


New Features

Reliable Transport

[NEW] A Reliable Transport Microservice is now available. The kdb Insights Reliable Transport (RT) is a microarchitecture for ensuring the reliable streaming of messages. It is designed to satisfy both high availability and high performance requirements.

Stream Processor

[NEW] Ingest large batches of data directly into the historical database. - Use fewer resources. Memory and disk resources greatly reduced during ingest. - New functionality available in the q and Python APIs.

Known Issues

  • If end-of-day processing is interrupted and remains incomplete until the next EOD period, this prevents further EODs from completing and requires manual recovery.

  • Adding a sort attribute to memory or disk is currently not supported. Changing the attribute to be sorted will not apply the attribute and will error for data on disk.

  • Schema changes will fail when attempting to remove all symbol columns from a schema that previously had any.

  • If the Resource Coordinator (RC) times out a request on a dequeue, the displayed message "Unknown reason" should be interpreted as "Timed out before we were able to dequeue".

  • If two processes have the same host and port, then the second one to register will overwrite the first, meaning the first will be invisible to the RC, and consequently never receive any requests.

  • If a reader node is added to a pipeline that invokes using chunking, then compilation fails.

Upgrade considerations

Discovery Service

Spring Boot has been updated to version 3.0.0, this upgrade changes how profiles are activated within the application.yaml. If using a it should be updated to A working configuration is documented within the Service Discovery Microservice documentation

Full details on the Spring profiles change here


Highlights denote artifacts which have been updated as part of this patch release. All other artifacts are unchanged from the previous major or minor release.

Service Discovery

microservice Docker Kubernetes
Discovery Registry
Discovery Proxy

Stream Processor

microservice Docker qpk

Data Access

microservice Docker
Data Access Process (DA)
Single container

Storage Manager

microservice Docker
Storage Manager
End of Interval (EOI)
End of Day (EOD)
Database Migration (DBM)
Single Container

Service Gateway

microservice Docker
Resource Coordinator

User interface

microservice Docker Helm Chart

Machine Learning

microservice package
ML Registry
ML Analytics

Reliable Transport

microservice Docker Kubernetes
Reliable Transport


microservice Docker package
Metrics Sidecar
OpenAPI SDK Generator