KX Streaming Analytics

Turn data of all types and ages into actionable insights

The KX Streaming Analytics platform provides the tools to ingest, store, process, and analyze historic and time series data to make analytics, insights, and visualizations instantly available.

KX Platform

KX Platform is a framework that allows you to design, build and deploy high-performance, enterprise-grade, data capture systems. It brings together hundreds of man-years of experience in creating enterprise-grade data capture, analysis and vizualisation systems.

It is comprised of KX Control, KX Monitoring, and KX Stream.

KX Data Refinery

A time series analytics platform for Financial Markets and Motorsports use cases.

KX for Sensors

An integrated platform for ingesting, persisting, analyzing real-time and historical data, supporting the full lifecycle of data and a variety of data conditions.

KX Streaming Analytics is designed to handle workloads for industrial and IoT systems across many industries including manufacturing, automotive, energy, utilities, and telecommunications.

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