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The wiki is moving to a new format and this page is no longer maintained. You can find the new page at

The wiki will remain in place until the migration is complete. If you prefer the wiki to the new format, please tell the Librarian why.


Getting Started

Downloading and installing kdb+

Licensed users can download the latest version of kdb+ from

If you are a customer and have not yet received your license key please contact Kx Systems.

Starting kdb+ and command-line options

See the Abridged Kdb+ Database Manual and Command-line Reference for details.

Loading Q scripts

Use the \l command.

q)\l script.q

A path name can also be included in the script name.

q)\l ../script.q

How do I access the interactive kdb+ help?

Download the script help.q and put it in your kdb+ home directory. Then load it into your kdb+ session.

q)\l help.q

Now you can type:

adverb    | adverbs/operators
attributes| data attributes
cmdline   | command line parameters
data      | data types
define    | assign, define, control and debug
dotz      | .z locale contents
errors    | error messages
save      | save/load tables
syscmd    | system commands
verbs     | verbs/functions

To get a list of the help topics, and request help in a specific topic like this:

q)help `sys
\a           tables
\b           views (see also .z.b)
\B           invalid dependencies
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