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Download the free 32-bit version of kdb+ for macOS, Linux or Windows.


Install the free 32-bit version of kdb+.

Tutorials for beginners

Database tutorials

A brief introduction to kdb+ is a very quick overview of downloading kdb+ and running your first query.

Sample queries has you build a more complex dataset in memory and perform some queries and joins on it. The dataset is from an imaginary desktop PC monitoring and helpdesk support system.

On-disk queries has you download a set of scripts to build and run queries against a large on-disk database. The dataset is from an imaginary smart-meter network. It includes a basic HTML5 Business Intelligence tool which queries the database directly.

Kdb+ for Mortals, Chapter 1 by Jeffry A. Borror, gives a detailed explanation of how kdb+ databases are created, stored on disk and accessed from q.


q for Mortals Version 3 Q for Mortals Version 3 by Jeffry A. Borror, available from or Covers up to kdb+ version 3.3. If you are a new kdb+ user, this is the book for you!
Q Tips Q Tips: Fast, scalable and maintainable kdb+ by Nick Psaris, available from “***** There is information that if you are learning by yourself, would take years to work out.” (review)

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