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This document has covered a variety of topics concerning the mechanics and application of the interface for kdb+. Of the workings and examples shown, the most common use case for this interface will be connecting to a q process, executing queries and functions and managing any result objects. However, this document has also displayed the versatile nature of as a tool, providing a handful of solutions to a given problem and able to fulfill server as well as client functions.

The practical examples should also help demonstrate that tasks required as part of a standard kdb+ toolset can be handled easily from the perspective of both Java developers interfacing with kdb+ for the first time, or kdb+ developers who are required to venture into Java development, for example, to help complete development of a feed handler. The benefit of such interfaces is felt keenly through the common role of these developers in helping to reconcile longstanding applications with contemporary technologies, often to the benefit of both.


Peter Lyness joined First Derivatives as a software engineer in 2015. During this time he has implemented a number of Java-based technical solutions for clients, including kdb+ interface logic for upstream static and real time data feeds.