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Disaster recovery

In addition to EC2’s built-in disaster-recovery features, when you use kdb+ on EC2, your disaster recovery process is eased by kdb+’s simple, elegant design.

Kdb+ databases are stored as a series of files and directories on disk. This makes administering databases extremely easy because database files can be manipulated as operating-system files. Backing up a kdb+ database can be implemented using any standard file-system backup utility. This is a key difference from traditional databases, which have to have their own cumbersome backup utilities and do not allow direct access to the database files and structure.

Kdb+’s use of the native file system is also reflected in the way it uses standard operating-system features for accessing data (memory-mapped files), whereas traditional databases use proprietary techniques in an effort to speed up the reading and writing processes. The typical kdb+ database layout for time-series data is to partition by date.